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Parents Use What You Have!

Here are #6 tips on objects around the house that can be used to create amazing artwork :

1. Keep your egg cartons, we especially love the clear plastic ones. We typically use them as wells for water or paint.

2. Take a look around your home, if you find old markers that have dried out – don't throw them away! Put them into an empty clean container with water. I suggest to leave them in for a few days and watch the ink color the water. You can then use them for watercolor and can definitely be used for a long time. Just remember, if you have more than one color marker, place them in different containers to create a variety of colors.

4. STOP !! Don't throw out the old jars, specifically baby food jars and vegetable foam trays are great for art-making. Just remember we want to clean and disinfect them thoroughly before using them.

 5. No need to have an apron! Use an old adult t-shirt and you can use a rubber band to adjust it to your little one's size, by gathering any extra slack from front/behind on the t-shirt.

6. I remember as a child gathering my mom's old shoe boxes and making musical instruments, cameras or special 3D scenes.

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