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10 Ideas To Do With Your Kids While Social Distancing

Here’s A List Of 10 Things To Do With Your Children While Surviving Quarantine 

1. Virtual Zoo: Check Out Your local Zoo’s for virtual zoo sessions 

2. Cooking Lessons: Now is the perfect time to expose your little one to cooking now that time isn’t so much of an issue. Start by teaching them how to prepare their favorite meal! Pancakes, Grill Cheese, muffins, the choices are endless and certainly packed with loads of fun! 

3. Go Camping: Turn your living room into a campsite! Tell them ghost stories, make some fun camp treats, spread the blankets and sleeping bags and enjoy a indoor camping day!

4. Letters to HEROS: Have your little one join you in writing letters to Heroes of COVID-19 and send them an awesome handwriting letter in the mail thanking them for their bravery during this time! 

5. Scavenger Hunt: Hide some trinkets around the yard or in an open play space and have your little one race to see how much they can gather! 

6. Pizza Contest: Creat custom pizzas with the family! Even turn this into a game and race to see who can make the most colorful pizza with toppings! Tons of fun and Pizza is usually kids favorites so I say it’s a win win for everyone! 

7. Draw A Family Portrait: Grab some pencils and markers and some paint and create a family portrait! You can even use an old picture around the house frame it!

8. Slime Time: There’s tons of simple slime recipes for kids! Slime is always a hit in my home and my daughter absolutely loves it!

9. Hop Scotch: Use some sidewalk chalk in the backyard and have a family game of hopscotch! 

10. Make Sensory Dough: Grab some flour, oil, salt and food coloring and make some DIY sensory dough! 

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