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Journey To Entrepreneurship

I’m Ms. Kay, a mom, teacher and now turned entrepreneur! I have always had a passion for
arts and early childhood development since I could remember.

I gave birth to Scribbles N Smocks, October 2019 as just a side passion to my regular 9-5. Fast forward to after the pandemic hit, I quickly realized I needed to shift gears to a more digital platform as my own daughter is immune comprised. I diligently began focusing on making the switch to full time entrepreneurship and I have been enjoying it every step of the way! 

Many that have met me in the past always told me I was “meant to be a leader” or “ you should own your own facility” all these were frequent sentiments I received from friends, co workers and even employers! While COVID-19 has been extremely devastating for many of us with the lost we all have experience, it also been a blessing for some. It caused many of us to slow down, focus on what’s important and realize that life is literally just a blink away. So spend time with your love ones, kiss those precious babies of yours everyday and tell them how much you love & value them, love on your spouse or partner and remember it’s never too late to step into your purpose!

This journey to entrepreneurship has certainly had its struggles. I’ve literally considered quitting quite a few times but quitting would mean I’m quitting on ME and this is something I would NEVER DO! So moral of this story is, whatever dreams you may have GO FOR IT!

There’s no perfect time like the present! So grab it by the collar and make it work for you! We all are gifted and have purpose!






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